Before using this demo, please refer to our document

This demo will go through the flow of using websocket-based event subscriptions from creating an api-key via OAuth to receiving event payloads.

WebSocket Oauth

Please type a random string which at least having 32 characters into PKCE Challenge verifier. Or click on our string generator button to make a random string. Save this string at some place. Then click on Redirect for Oauth.

You will be redirected to Dialpad login page to verify your identity, then you need to consent to our demo app. Please click on consent.

After consent you will be redirected back to this page. Copy your original PKCE Challenge verifier back to the box, click on Request PKCE Token. You will get the API key after a few seconds.

Api key responses:

If you already have a valid Api-key, you can skip this section.

Create Websocket

In this section, we are going to create a websocket entity which will store you event subscriptions. Please copy your API key here.

And if you want to use JWT to encrypt your event payload, please enter your secret. Then click on Send payload.

Websocket API responses:

Create Event Susbcription

After creating the websocket entity, you can create event subscriptions now. Please refer to our doc about the API payload needed to create an event subscription.

Please choose the type of event you want to create, then input your API payload based on the doc. Please copy you websocket id from the previous section into 'endpoint_id' field of the Susbcription payload.


Event subscription API responses:

WebSocket Demo

Now you are ready to use the websocket-based logging service. Please copy your websocket id, event subscription id and api-key from previous sections here. Choose the correct event type. Then click on Connect.

Once you receiving a message including your api key, you connection is established and you will start to receiving event payloads.

If you receive a message telling the api key is not valid or have no access, please check you websocket and subscription id as well as your api key are correct.

Websocket logging:

Please make sure you are using the same api-key in this demo app otherwise you may encouter errors.